Wondering how you can get started with a simple yet effective skincare routine? We’ve got your back, Sis! These skincare tips can help you put together a simple skincare regimen that will have you glowing in no time.

As much as we love skincare, it can also be a bit of a mystery to those who are unfamiliar. At Aurum79, we strive to make all things beauty as simple as possible for you. In this post, we will guide you through an easy skincare routine and a few 5-star products that we know you’ll love. Let’s get into it!


Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be complicated. Cleansing, moisturizing, and applying sunscreen (at least SPF 30 and broad-spectrum) are the three most basic phases of a skincare routine. However, after cleansing but before moisturizing, you can apply serums, toners, exfoliants, and prescription treatments.

To get the most out of your products, pay attention to the order you apply them. The more products you use, the more important this order becomes, so here are some step-by-step tips on layering them all.

STEP 1: Cleanser

When you wake up, wash your face. Applying products immediately after cleansing will help you better absorb the active ingredients in your other products throughout the day. Your skin type will dictate the type of cleanser you should use.

For Normal, Oily, Acne Prone, and Combo Skin, we recommend the PHOLK BEAUTY Daily Detox Face Wash. Without causing irritation, your skin will feel clean, rejuvenated, and healthy.

If you have Sensitive, Dry, and Dehydrated Skin, try the PHOLK BEAUTY Glow Replenishing Face Wash to help revitalize your skin.

STEP 2: Eye Cream

It’s essential to start with eye cream because you might forget to do it if you didn’t. Gently pat your eye cream on all-around your eyes with your ring finger. Your ring finger is the gentlest finger; using it to apply eye cream will keep you from pulling on the very delicate skin around that area.

Look for under-eye products that aid in tightening and reducing puffiness, which helps your skin stay healthy like the IN|HARMONY Brightening Eye Cream.

STEP 3: Toner

Toners are designed to further prepare your skin for the absorption of active ingredients, but which one you choose will depend on your skin type. A toner is a liquid product designed to gently refresh your skin while maintaining its natural moisture.

Those with acne-prone skin should look for toners with ingredients like glycolic acid or salicylic acid, making skin less oily. We recommend the IN|HARMONY Hydrating Hibiscus Toner.

STEP 4: Serum

This is an important step in the process to get the most out of your toner-prepped face. You can get serums for hydration & brightening and/or serums for dark spots & acne. If you are looking to get more value for your money, try this multitasking master that moisturizes, softens texture, reduces the appearance of dark spots and fine lines all at once – ELEMENTS OF ALIEL Glow Serum.

STEP 5: Moisturizer

Moisturizers hydrate and lock in moisture, which is why usually moisturizing formulations tend to be thicker than other layers. You can use different moisturizers depending on the way they feel. It’s possible to use a lighter product in the morning that integrates better with your makeup and save a heavier cream for the night.

An option that checks all the boxes and works with all skin types is the BEIJA FLOR NATURALS Acai Mango Lotion. This rich, creamy, yet light, facial moisturizer helps rescue dry skin and give your skin the perfect glow.

STEP 6: Sunscreen

Dermatologists agree that you should use sunscreen every day, even if you don’t go outside, to protect your skin from sun damage. You need to put on sunscreen every time you’re out in the sun. When the sun’s rays are too powerful, the collagen in your skin breaks down. Not only that, but if you have dark spots or melasma, the sun’s aging UVA rays can make them worse! In addition, some skincare products can make skin more vulnerable to the sun.

Choose a comfortable product that is compatible with your daily routine. Check out the UNSUN COSMETICS Mineral Tinted Sunscreen SPF 30, this sunscreen helps to minimize your pores and moisturize the skin. Best part? It also doubles as a color corrector and can be worn alone or as a primer before you apply makeup. Available in 3 shades that cover a wide range of skin tones from light to dark.

STEP 7: Makeup Remover/Cleansing Oil

Before you hit the sheets, take it all off! At night, wash your face with an oil-based cleanser, like the No. 30- Botanical facial Cleansing Oil. The amazing thing about this product is that it cleanses, tones, nourishes, and moisturizes all at once so it gives you great value for your money. We love a great multi-tasking product!

Also, note that regular exfoliation is essential because cleansing alone can’t remove things like excess dead skin cells on top of the face’s surface, which can physically block your shine. It’s best to do this at night, especially if you wear a lot of makeup. It helps to clear up any dirt and oil build-up from the day.

And there you have it! Follow these steps and you’re on your way to better skin.

Please know that don’t have to do this on your own. Remember that you need to be consistent, and patient to see true results (a general rule of thumb is 1-3 months). However, if you’ve tried all of the above and don’t notice any improvements, try making an appointment with a licensed esthetician who has a lot of experience working with people who have darker/brown skin.

In the meantime, Visit Aurum79 Beauty to shop a range of clean, effective Black & Brown-owned beauty brands.

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