Hispanic Heritage Month is coming to an end but we have some great Latinx beauty brands you can celebrate 24/7!

In a world where the standard of beauty often seems monolithic, largely appealing to the young or European standards, Black and Brown women can often feel excluded. It’s great that the beauty industry is expanding and working towards becoming more inclusive, but let’s be real, we still got a ways to go. Finding high-quality, artisan beauty products made by people of color is still a challenge. Here at Aurum79 Beauty, we are always on the hunt to introduce a world of beauty and that prioritizes your skin, hair, and wellness needs, including some of the best Latinx brands.

Hispanic communities are among the largest minority groups in the US, at more than 60 million people and 18% of the total U.S. population. According to Beauty Inc “The Latinx beauty shopper outspends peers by nearly 30%”. Although they are some of the top beauty spenders they are also among the least recognized when it comes to the brand makers. We want to change this narrative by supporting Latinx businesses and giving them a platform to share their amazing beauty products. Check out some of our Latinx Aurum79 Beauty partners below!

Ella’s Eve:

Founded by Dominican sisters Melissa Polanco and Lissa Martinez, Ella’s Eve Cosmetics is a Latina-owned makeup brand that promotes confidence and celebrates inner beauty.  Recognizing that there was a lack of Latinx representation in the beauty space, the sister duo wanted to do something about it. Through this realization and a newfound love for makeup, the sister duo eventually launched Ella’s Eve.  Shop the highly pigmented “Make It Your Eve” Eyeshadow Palette, with 15 highly pigmented colors and various finishes for any, and every occasion.

Pink Root:

Pink Root’s motto is “We don’t believe in bad hair, just bad hair care”. This natural haircare brand was created to help improve the transition from chemically treated and heat damaged hair to natural hair. It’s also great for maintaining healthy curls and coils. All of the ingredients have been carefully chosen to nurture and revitalize all textures and hair types.  Founder Mariel Mejia who was born in NYC and is of Dominican heritage was inspired to create the brand after her own hair frustrations.  “I grew up constantly relaxing and straightening my hair because it was considered less than. I thought these methods of altering my texture were perfectly normal until I was about 18 years old and realized how much damaged this caused my hair” she told us in a Q&A.  She was left with a lot of irreversible damage and wanted to change the narrative of the natural hair care industry. She created her own formulas in her mother’s kitchen and noticed a significant change her hair, from then she knew she was on to something. 

Shop the full line to keep curls and coils looking healthy and fab;  the Leave-In Conditioner, Curl Enhancing Lotion, and Curl Styling Paste. Every product is designed to rejuvenate dry, damaged, and/or dull hair. Her nourishing formulas also soften, smooth, and fight frizz on those extra humid days.

We’re always on the lookout for beauty brands that align with our mission, but drop us a line if there are any Latinx beauty brands you’d love to see on the site!

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