Aurum79 Beauty is a Black & Latina woman owned marketplace for beauty and wellness products. We exist to expand access to indie brands, created by men & women of color, that may not be accessible via traditional retail spaces.

We understand that as people grow and change, so does their beauty regimen. Consider this a safe space to discover some of the best, most effective products to aid your evolving beauty journey at all stages of life.

Welcome to our community!

Our Founders

Bridget J Harris

"It’s never a one size fits all when it comes to beauty. We understand that there are so many amazing, safe, reliable independent brands being created by men and women of color all over the globe and without adequate marketing support or access to traditional retail space, they lack the visibility that they deserve. Those brands need a platform to shine and Aurum79 Beauty is creating that space."

Nathalie Day

"Our hair & skin is beautiful, yet sometimes it can be a bit complicated. Because people of color come in all shades and hair types, we need options to explore what works best for an individual. No longer can we live in a world where mainstream beauty stores carve out a corner on their shelves. Aurum79 Beauty was founded on the pure facts of people wanting access to brands across all of the beauty categories to fit their needs!"

Camille Walker

"While most of us know there is beauty in all shades and backgrounds, unfortunately, it has taken the beauty industry an incredibly long time to take notice. I'm happy with the progress being made, but we still have a long way to go which is why a platform like Aurum79 Beauty is so important! I want to change the way ALL people of color are seen and heard in this space and ensure that we are no longer an afterthought. The same holds true for supporting minority-owned indie brands who are actually doing the work. We want to give them a platform and support so that we can easily connect them with their consumers."
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