Yup, it’s OFFICIAL, Official!

Ok y’all, 2020 has been a year. We hope you’ve been staying safe and protecting your mental space! It’s been quite the year for us too, but we’re excited because we’ve launched our e-marketing place,!

So…allow us to re-introduce ourselves…

We are Aurum79 Beauty. A Black & Latina women owned e-marketplace for indie beauty and wellness products created by men and women of color. For us “Inclusivity” isn’t just a trend, but a standard. We intentionally set out to create a space for brands/products that consider skin tone, celebrate a variety of hair types and honor age. A place where we are always prioritized when it comes to beauty.

“Like myself, so many women enter a new decade of life and then realize the (hair and skin) beauty regimen they are used to isn’t quite working anymore. It’s important for us to support the beauty & wellness needs for women of color throughout every phase of life.” – Bridget, Co-Founder

“Our hair & skin is beautiful, yet sometimes it can be complicated. Because people of color come in all shades and hair types, we need options to explore what works best for an individual. No longer can we live in a world where mainstream beauty stores carve out a corner of their shelves.”- Nathalie, Co-Founder

“Navigating beauty can be super easy or daunting when in reality it should be an enjoyable experience. Let’s’ take hair for example. Textured hair is so diverse and beautiful but requires a lot of trial and education. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough representation across all textures unless you have a certain curl pattern. At Aurum79, we want to make sure that everyone can easily find the products and information that’s right for them.” – Camille, Co-Founder

With that said, our goal is to connect you with the DOPEST indie brands that are truly inclusive. We partner with brands from all over and carefully select products that meet your specific needs. Regardless of your age, skin tone, and hair type, we got you.

It’s been a slow build, but we have a lot of exciting new updates, brand info, tutorials, contests, etc. coming soon so stay tuned! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already and follow us on Instagram

In the meantime, get your shop on!

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